Main Caracters; AlexandraAlmonte & DarlennyPinales

Darlenny: Is A Person That Can Get Mad Right Away Without Saying A Word ......She Also Can Make You Laugh With Her Evil Laugh. She Is There For You When You Most Need A Person To Talk With And Give You Pretty Good Advice.
Alexandra: I'm A So Adorable :) And Friendly....

{FriendShip Story}

Darlenny ....Me, Myself, & I "]
One Day, After Lunch Darlenny & I Were Walking Through The Hallway & We Stopped By Lenny's Locker. First, Some Of The Guys Of Our School Were Chilling In The Hallway. Next, One Minute Of Silence. After That We Started A Ramdon Laugh . The Guys Started Laughing Too About Our Loud & Evil Laugh. Then,The Bell Rang & We Arrived To Our Algebra Class The Teacher Asked At Us What Had Happened. Darlenny & I Stared At Each Other. Then, I Said That Everything Is Fine.......Finally, Darlenny And I Learn Everyday To Keep Our Friendship Strong By Laughing,Having Fun, And Dont Think About Bad Thing.

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  • Friendship-: 
A True Friend Is Someone Who Sees the Pain in Your Eyes While Everyone Else Believes the Smile on Your Face..

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This photo represent Darlenny & I.... the two best friend the share everything together like sister

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ6pBpcc-qqItBmyEAnVVGvjmHBnZYPY1cVTaOv32hPu5gDQPCa2_ZVA4N8dQMemory-: Is When You Remembered A Important Event Of Your Life.

This picture represent when I Remember When I Went To The First Waterfall In DR When I Was 8 Years Old It Was My Birthday On December 24 And My Dad Bought Me A Lot Of Stuff We Had So Much Fun Together I Won't Never Forget This Special Day...

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Community-: The District or locality in which such a group lives.

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This photo represent the population of our country

Strength-: Capacity Or Potential For Effective Action.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSNGAr0x39Cmnayaqdty60tLYri8SPn3ILZkDkKrE9WRF88WehtWA
This photo represent what we are and the strenth the we work everyday to make effective actions

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQuUpNFyBt8s-5jDN4HlABb7qE5mtL6ct_xFXGtTaoEe1bHW4ZTAdvocacy-:

To Fight For Someone. It Is Not Necessarily A Physical Fight, But Is Most Often Used To Show A Legal Or Mental Struggle On Someone Else's Half.

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This photo represent when you want to make a different and people can hear you!!
Electronic Porfolio: Final project/Answers

The Reflection Questions In My Electronic Portfolio. *This piece addresses its the theme of my portfolio. I know this is a theme because i tried develop my story and did every step. This was created with the help of darlenny pinales.

* If i had more additional time i would do more in my electronic prtfolio.such as, writing more about friendship because friendship is the top significant thing in this life for me<3

*My Writing has changed to high while working on this electronic portfolio because this project made my skill of knowledge grow and its more effective.

* While i was using the projeect rubric i give myself a score of 3 because i am capable of doing something and i gave all my effort. I did the PRESENTATION very good and specific details.

* what i like is that every picture that is in my project are related to me. What i dislike about my completed project is the my project needs more editing.

* the portfolio as a whole reveal about me that friendship,community,advocacy,memory & strength is what i do each day that i wake up at work or school.

The End♥