Example one poetry

You need strength to help you become something,

You need strength to over come your fears,

You need strength to see the world and not hold back,

You need strength in your every day life,

All you need is strength to see.

Example two pictures

external image Get-strength.jpegThis shows the strength you need to over come your fears.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT9UT8JckRr1A-Sql0_1M5TMORFNBYYYGu4A0f9sXrEZo-gDuTCpw This shows the strength you need to become something.

external image renewed-strength-al-stewart-sr.jpgThis shows the strength you need in your every day life.


Eample one pictures and stoff about my community

My community is very nice because alot of people here are nice and my community is very huge.

The mayor is very nice and he help out alot.

I love my community because if you need help someone help you.

The last thing about my community is that most of my family lives here and also my friends.

That's why I love my community.

external image clock-tower-lawrence-massachusetts-1941.jpgThis is Lawrence the community I live in.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRHb1hq_nQGNkVoFPtPFehW_6lz13Skq3ED4oK7CqCDkV6h-704WA&t=1This shows the Merrimack River in my community.

external image riverwalk-overhead.jpg This shows one ig the bigest blidings in my community.

Eample two poetry

My community is beautiful,

My community is full of people,

My community is fill with joy,

My community is special.


1. I picked strength because is something in my everyday life. It was created by a poem that i wrote.

2. I would work more on my community if i had more additional time.

3. My writing haven't changed in anything i write what i feel.

4. I would give myself a 5/10 because i don't think is one of my best works that I have done.

5. I liked the way i can write what i feel. the thing that i did not like was that i did not have enough time to put more things.

6. I Liked it its just like me.