*I choose this picture of me and one of my friends I love Her.
In life there are many important stuff havings friends is one of them they are important in my life. would i live with out them i really dont think so they are really important in life some come and go but some of them stay for ever. the last person you think, thats the one whos gonna me with you on good and bad momments.October.11.2009 You now are asking what that date means right, It means the day that me and this really special girl starting talking, and started been friends her name is Jeanna Liz Zorrilla Castillo Mercado Marquez, for all this time we been toghether we call each other to be best friends but more as sisters.
* This picture for me is like when I look at the sky and remmember the memorie in my life.

In life there are so many memory but the one u truely never forget is been around with the people you love. A lot of time your memory picture is just in your head. For me were i feel peaceful and rememmber about everithing in life is just by looking to places were there is no one around and just the trees moving and the silent flowing around with onli you and your mind talking to each other. Or staying on the place you love the most with the person you love the most spending all that time thinking, it doesnt matter with who you are but if you are with that you anyoi been around with is gonna be the best memory that you ever had.


*I Pick this picture because it had many meanings of what strength is.

A word many meanings. Strength is the ability to achieve any goal in your life in a loving, honest, truthful, efficient and direct way. The strength in your brain and your heart to choose whats right and whats wrong. No one can pick for you you have the strenght to do it. You make your mistakes you hve the strenght to fix them.

external image community-772512.jpg
*Peace sing made by people, thats really what the world needs peace.
external image community---faded.jpg external image community-management.gif
*People around the world should come together and forget our differences our color and make a better community .


external image 00575511.gif
*This picture i choosed because Me,My Self and I speck for the choices to make in life.
external image advocacy.png
*I have a voice,not everyone has a vooice to speak to the world and make a change.

♥Choose one entry in your electronic portfolio. How do you think this piece addresses its theme? How was this piece created?
‍♥What would you work on more in your electronic portfolio if you had additional time?
If I had more time to finish the electronic porfolio i would write more on of every subject.
♥How has your writing changed while working on this electronic portfolio?
For me I think i feel like I want to write more, but no it hasnt change i thing is the same.
♥Using the project rubric, give yourself a score and justify it with specific traits from the rubric and examples from your electronic portfolio.
I really dont know what grade should I get, I didnt finished.
♥What do you like or not like about your completed project?
What I like is mostly that I put alot of efort in it and i wrote from me not from others.
What I dont like is that I want it to write more but I didnt use all the time to finished.
♥What does the portfolio as a whole reveal about you?
It reveals how I feel about every subject.