Use the Elements of a Story and the Storyboard Worksheet to help write your narrative or fictional story. Select a theme that you will focus on throughout your story.

Elements of a Story
Remember to use this THEME in developing your characters and story events.
Write the following on the pyramid above:
1. Name of the main character in your story
2. Two words describing the main character
3. Three words describing the setting of your story (Where does it take place? What is this place like?)
4. Four words about one event that will happen in your story
5. Five words describing the characters’ reactions and participation in this event (remember to bring in the theme discussed in class)
6. Six words describing another event that happens in your story
7. Seven words describing how the characters interact
8. Eight words describing the solution to the problem or conflict in your story.

Storyboard Worksheet
Use the ideas you wrote on the Elements of a Story Worksheet to guide your storyboard. Remember that your story should be based on the THEME you have chosen.
1. Title of your Story
Name of Author(s)
2. Tell us about your characters
What are their names?
What are they doing?
What is the setting?
3.What is going on your story?
What is one event that happens in your story?
What is the problem or conflict?
Tell us more about the characters and how they are interacting with each other.
Remember to follow the theme that you have chosen for this story.
4. Continue to develop your story.
What is another event that happens in your story?
Is there a solution to the problem?
What happened to the characters?
What emotions do they feel?
5. Create an ending to the story.
What was the solution to the problem in your story?
How does everyone feel?
6. Re-read, revise, and edit your story.
7. Think about adding pictures, illustrations, or images to your story. Where in the story would a picture be most effective?