For the next several weeks you are going to create an electronic portfolio around the themes of memory, friendship, strength, community, and advocacy. How you choose to address these themes is your decision. You can write personal narratives, poems, or fictional stories. You can add pictures or video clips. You can include student interviews and audio of someone reading a piece of text included in your portfolio. Include captions or descriptions of visual images that explain how they relate to the theme.

  • You will work with a partner unless you request to do your project individually.
  • Each theme must be presented in at least two forms in your electronic portfolio – minimum of 10 entries total. You can include more if you want.
  • Your electronic portfolio must include a minimum of six written pieces.
  • Each partner must complete a reflection on the completed project.
  • Each pair must complete a daily tracking form that explains what you accomplished each day. You will receive a weekly grade based on your daily tracking sheets.
  • A final project grade will be given when your electronic portfolio is complete and you have presented it.
  • Since this is a partner project, both partners will receive the same grade for the daily tracking sheets and the final project.

The Electronic Portfolio Rubric is how you will be assessed on your completed Electronic Portfolio Project.

To see examples of electronic portfolios click here Community of Writers