There are so many ways to have friendships, but the thing is to have a good friendship there has to be trust, love, comunication, health & Honesty.
Me & my best friend have a healthy friendship. We trust each other & we love each other lik if we're sisters or like if we met each other a long time ago. But we met each other on october 11,2009. Now we treat each other like sisters. We even trust eachother in everything when she has a problem she comes to me, and when I have a problem I go to her to ask for advices. Thanks to this girl I've been a happy and good girl because when we first strated to talk I was shy. Now I could trust her and she could trust me in anything she needs, Friends come and go, but a real true friend stick with you for ever no matter what! Now I have to talk about that special her... Her name is Deyaneira Beatriz Olmeda Perez Miranda Montañes. She's a really special person, I love this girl like if she was my big sister. I could count on her when ever I need her, she would stop doing something to talk and advice me!


This picture represent the friendship, I will truthly acomplish this promise that I will always be her Best Friend. I LOVE YOU Deyaneira Beatriz Olmeda ♥ =)


We've have so manny memories from the past, some of them are sad, and happy. They may remind you of something or someone; they make you think about them and remind of them. I have so manny memories they're good and bad. But first i'll like to say that when you think of those memories that are sad sometimes we start crying because they remind you of something or someone you've lost. I've lost 1 of my grandfather from my dad's side and 1 of my grandmother from dad's side too, from mom's side I've lost one grandmother. When they gave me these news I felt so sad and like if the whole world was going to end just because I lost them. But look I'm still up, in school doing my work and doing what I promised them. I would never break this promises! There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, and the air is softer.
jeanna_15.jpgThis will be me in my grandmother's house in Puerto Rico for my sweet 15, I was so happy and excited because this only happens once in the life time. And there's is so many people that can not have a sweet 15 party because they're parents don't have the money to buy all of the stuff that are needed, This is why I'm proud my family and me, because they had the money to buy everything we needed for my swee 15 party. That Day I had so much fun, I wish it happens again, but sadly it woun't because this only happens once in the life time. That's why I think that people that are able to have one, I think they should enjoy it alot, because it's sad how lots of people wants to have one of this parties and they can't!When I have my childrens I will do the best for them to have one of this parties, because if my family did one for me why can't I do it for my childrens.
This will be my middle sister with our little cusin in P.R this is a good memory because it was the first day we met him.We were so happy because we saw him for our first time, last summer. I wanted to eat him because he's so fat and his chiks are so cute. I will love to go back to P.R just to be with my family.


A Community is when people get together to cooperate with the Community service and to help the people that need haelp. I live in a Community because I always help people who needs help. When my friends need help I'm always there for them. But if I can't help them is because I don't know what to do or because I'm bussy.
This will be my Community from school, beause when one of this people needs help I always do my best to help them do what ever they need help with. This is a real Community because we always help each other when we need help with something!

This picture represents a Community in school, this people are a good Community.

This will be my Community from school, beause when one of this people needs help I always do my best to help them do what ever they need help with. This is a real Community because we always help each other when we need help with something!


Adcocacy is when you are promoting something important or un important. When people are on the t.v anouncing something about new cloth or new stuff that means that they're promoting that about that cloth and shoes or what ever they're promoting. If I ever had to do a promotion I would do it, becasue I've dance infront of alot of people that I don't know. So I would do that promotion with out being shy and scared.
This picture represents; the advocacy of people voices. They're announsing the grand oppening of the new restaurant.


I have alot of Strengh but one of the biggest one is my family and God. I wouldn't be me today with out God and my family. I'm very appart from God but he still safe me from the bad things and I know he still loves his childrens even tough their appart from him.


The Lord is in my strengh and heart but also in my life, He's important for me.