Strength Poem

Strength is what you have that is stronger than ever

Stregnth is the only power that is stronger than any power of mankind

Strength is something that gives you the power to carry on

Strength gives you the power to help someone you love


 Community Purpose


The community has a purpose for us, some of the purpose are to have good stuff done. We can help the community to work together allowing us to fix and to get things that way we wanted, by buying and selling things to makes money and to help the community, like the parks, and the families that neeed help.

The people that live in a community need to have interets of exchanging ideas and thoughts to make things work. A community can be anywhere in a town, a neighborhood, workplace or a public place.

1.choose one entry in your electronic porfolio. How do you think this piece adresses its theme?
How was this piece created?
I think strength its a theme because it represent love for others, power to do stuff that we really want. This was created by a poem.

2. i would work more in the pictures to find good ones that no one in the class has.

3.My writing has changes for bettter because i learned new word and more about strength and community.

4. I gave myself a 3 because major section heading are clear and easy to understand.

5.I like about the project that i enjoy it with my partner and we lernead new stuff.