• Friend is a person you can trust and you can hand out with...friend is someone that is always is going

to be there to catch you when you fall, that is gonna be there when you have to say something.

Friends are forever, friends are brothers or sisters, friend is a person that is always there if you

have a problem, friends worry about you and cares about you when you are sad, Are you a good


my friends :)



  • Community is people united and people that like to help, community is people that give hands to their

neighbors when they need to, community is a bounch of people that are always together and solve

problems together...people that help and don't look to who they are helping to. Community is a group

of people that share in a populated enviroment, is people that share and help.

Electronic portfolio questions:

Choose one entry in your electronic portfolio. How do you think this piece addresses its theme? How was this piece created?

  • i choose the picture of my friend because those are my friends and the people i like to be with.

What would you work on more in your electronic portfolio if you had additional time?
  • i will put more pictures and i will put more writing.

How has your writing changed while working on this electronic portfolio?

  • yes because that makes my writing better.

Using the project rubric, give yourself a score and justify it with specific traits from the rubric and examples from your electronic portfolio.
  • i think i can give me an 3 because i did a hard work and i think i put everything and put enough details.

What do you like or not like about your completed project?
  • i like how i put my writing and my pictures all relate and how i use my project and put my friens in it.

What does the portfolio as a whole reveal about you?

  • it really don't reveal nothing with me i think.