I remember me and my sister

be twins like two flowers ,

She cry i cry, she feel i feel.

No one can separate us just god.

I remember, me and my sister play

in the park like two angel, I remember

get a beautiful family like a red flower

in the mountain.

strength I remember my first day in school when my teacher show me the class room and all the students, i remember the girl sit in a chair, i saw her and i come to her and her name is keily, she always tell me that i have a strong heart. keily
always was follow me and play with me. one day keily tell me she move in a week,
i was sad,I always think i going to lost my best friend, i talk to her mon she tell me that
keily have to study in a new school.I was sad and cry i even have strength to say good bye.
It's was monday keily come to me and tell me good bye you are a special friend for me i never going to forget you, i was cry But when she go i have the strength to say good bye you ready was a special friend for me, i'm not going to forget you, and you not going to forget me.
. Chibi_Kawai_Hinata_by_Blue_Dark_Angel[1].jpg 01[1].jpg imagesCAVLX7EB.jpg

imagesCASKYD1Y.jpg friendship []wallpaper-standard-anime-ichigo-mashimaro-autumn-friendship-16161-spica-medium-ef9e35d6[1].jpg Befriendship
Be friendship
It's like my sister and me
sit in a big red flower,
the flower is smile
like the smile of two sister.
be friendship
be friendship
like two little sister stay
together no matter what.! community

lytris We all like to play, we all like to sing, we all like to be together like a community, we all want to graduate from high school, we all want to go to college. The school is special because all the students and teacher are a big available community, and a special community every body is a community in this world, like if you are in a mountain with many flower. Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_(My_Little_Sister_Can't_Be_This_Cute)[1].jpg imagesCA1LG87J.jpg ADVOCACY

POEM I always have to work hard,

i always have to clean, no matter how i

try i always have to clean, if the broom

work for me, i will be happy, if the mot clean

for me, i will be very fatty emotions, if i'm in a

mountain with many flower, never in my life

would have to clean again, but everything was my on

imagination, we always have to work hard no matter

how i do, always work hard, and hard like a hole with out end.




I created this piece about memory because it make me remember about the good times i have, and the good smile of a beautiful family, always smile and the remember of my sister and me always being together play laugh, it's was the best remember i have before.

I will work more in my portfolio additional time because i want to get a great work and try to found information, and created a good work.

my work changed when i start to write advocacy because it was a little hard to define what the word means and define what you going to put in your electronic portfolio.

I give myself a 90% because my write it's not very good but i put all my work and all my effort to created this portfolio.

In my portfolio i like everything because i love to talk about my life and what happen to me and my friends, family everything.

In my portfolio as a whole several i combined strength and memory because i combined in a poem almost the same and i combined the memorial i have in the past with strength, and i put the some verse in the poem "I" in strength and memory. And advocacy, community because everywhere you work, you always have a groups to work hard and together like a big community,everywhere on the world.