1- choose one entry in your electronic porfolio. how do you think this piece adresses its theme? how was this piece created?the entry of memory addresses its the way of the think that i do now and the difference of how i do it before in the past and what i remember when i was still a child.

2- what would you work on in your electronic porfolio if you had additional time?

in the advocasi because maybe i could ad a picture or a video

3- how was your writting changed while working on this electronic porfolio?

it change in the way that i use to write with some fancy wored bu in some of the part of the work i just use simple words and in most of them a lot of fancy words

4-using the rubric give give your self a score and justify it with specific traits from the rubric and examples from your electronic portfolio.

i think a 95 because i put a lot of my effort to make this project.

5-what do you like or not like about your completed project?

i like the part that i work with a partner because is fun to work with somebody and its interesting to see other people prospective of my work.

6-what does the porfolio as a whole reveal about you?

it reveal my memories, and how is a day in my life.