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I wanted your love and gave me the dry leaf a fall in perspective. I wanted your hands and gave me bad look on my dream. I wanted your lips and gave me the best memory. I slept in the hope with the eyes of the devout believer. You see, I would not mind wake up any night tender on your shore and feel still vibrate some violin strings. You see, I have no one to do to keep dreaming exact cost daily distantly linked your vanishing point. Meanwhile Cavity reminds me .This strange fate that my weakness was born a poet.
My words do not serve despite your love to the life with have. Today I look at the sea and feel that I and the only who forget the word of that diary the with make together and escape like a old memory.
This represent memory because she is remenber a story about love.



The strength comes from the heart from the spirit in side. It takes strength to take certain decisions. I take strength to survive all day in this life and more courage to love. I takes strength to tell that am nothing without you. My strength is like an empty base waiting for a Spanish rose. The strength is a reason of everything work and cause the world will be a better place to live in,in this life .The love was the strength that you gave me to support the most powerful death.
I represent the strenght because i feel like i have the world in my hand.


I always ask were and as I can’t give one step to the love a hug to one eye that can’t see the illusion of the friendship that can’t win more them some one who think the star are not a gold for the man who wish smile with one light that be more power full them some one who said I wish be a star to went you see me past wish me all the you want a friendship who know the value of dream and cry with sincerity and with bond transform in a hero to have the sky with one of my most deep remember and ask me one day who i cant consume my love for you.
This picture represent friendship because with are all together.



well this community it's ok there.

this commuty needs the help from the people,

to make it better. we need to make it a better place to live in.

our community it's bueatiful we just need to keep it going ,

i mean we all need to keep to keep on working together to make it's ,

bueaty living for ever.

This picture is community because everyone put a part of us.


I know the promotion was the first thing that I dream see someone trying
To change the way the I think the way I believe and the way the I love.
I promote your eyes and lips went I see the reflect of you beauty in the water.
I promote the sun the rain the weather went this change.
I promote the news the thing the I like went I ask for a wish.
I promote my work the food the I eat went you look me to my face.
I travel the all world for my promotion after everything the most important was know the every one have a work in this life.
With promote the most importan for us starbursts uhm 10 piece of candy and different taste.


Advocacy the thing that make every thing work Something that you can’t said by you self and promote.
Other people to thing in the same them you a talent that only have.
That one to speak and converted that person and do everything the.
Want only with an inspiration necessary can’t do the different and Changing the world.
By promoting to anyone and controlee by the advocacy of someone.
This picture represent advocacy because he is speaking for the people and for him.

the electranic profolio
this electronic profolio was created by edwim and my self digna.