• Memory...♥

  • Memory is when you remember sOmething important or something bad in your liife...!

  • mail[2].jpg

  • This picture is a good memory because it was the first time that my besties and I went out together...
  • I remember when we went to this party,we danced ,ate,and we did a lot of funny things .
  • One of the most important things was that this party was for to say good bye to a friend that left to Dominian republic.

  • Is when something give us the power to do things that you want to do in life...
  • For example the christian peOple her strength or pOwer to fOllow their religion
  • is that they believe in GOD....!
  • For paOla and me the strength is to be in school is to graduate an go tO cOllege!!
external image strength.jpgexternal image Graduation.jpg

cOmuniity...♥ (acrostic)  
  • Comunication with otrer people..!!

  • ObliigatiOn..!!

  • Many thiings tO fix..!!

  • UniiOn..!!

  • NOboby is alOne with a prOblem..!!

  • Intelligent peOple fix problems..!!

  • Try tO be a niice peOple and gOOd neighbor..!!

  • YOu have the cOmpromiiise to prOtect it..!!

external image Community.jpg


Choose one entry in your electronic portfolio. How do you think this piece addresses its theme? How was this piece created?

  • What would you work on more in your electronic portfolio if you had additional time?

  • How has your writing changed while working on this electronic portfolio?

  • Using the project rubric, give yourself a score and justify it with specific traits from the rubric and examples from your electronic portfolio.

  • What do you like or not like about your completed project?

  • What does the portfolio as a whole reveal about you?

  • Answers 
  • 1)put a video about the topics,pictures and more information
  • 2) It changes my way to write because I learn to eread better.
  • 3) 95 because we did our project with effort,and in the navigation and illustrations.
  • 4) I like the differents topics,the way how we did those.
  • 5)Reveal my opinions and my thoughts about the different topics!!