katherine suriel
March 30,2011


I remember.....I remember.....who?,when?,where?,what? and which?memory i need the most who i love?when i'm alone?where i am?what is important?which i hate?the memories i don't remember are long time gone........memories......memories......the question is who?,when?,where?,what?,and which? endless momeries that are just gone from remember......endless........endless........momeries......In the end there isn't memories to remember....


''the girl was a star full of dream those pieces represent her action and memory .''
'' the memory she make over time was something special because she make happen and all come true by her own power.''
''The picture is about a girl that make memory with her friend.'' Friendship

''The friend that alway still together even in sweeter time and worst time.'''' The picture is about being friend fovered.''

''The picture is about a friend that betray.''
Tthe friend is or was close to you
If he or she betray you

What will happen to those years together as friend?


''The picture is about being loyal to your friend.''Quotes:''One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.''

The loyal friend are behind or beside youloyal or notThe behind is dangerThe beside is trustWhich one you are going to pick?Choose....

StrengthThe strength that we have is our hopeThe beleive is one of the strengthLove and hate are not supportWhy??Because love is just a mess and hate is just hurt yourselfStrenght have support and no supportLike love and hateThe strength is something special to the personIn the end, strength is everything.
''The picture is about how to achieves the strength to make possible.''Community

''The picture is about being a community with friend and family.''The community is something that everyone share Also that helped another Good or bad people are part of the communityThere is a lot of different people that make a community specialBecause everyone is need in the community.

''The picture is about share with friend,family, and community in important event in life.''AdvocacyThe act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause, idea, or policy; active support.

That is just a definition but doesn't really make sense but the real thing is what make sense to people.

''The picture is about fighting what your believe in.''''There is always a arguing about being right or not that is when a advocacy come to help to the person or the people.'' Answers
  1. I choose memory.I think this piece addresses its theme by the poem and the meaning of the picture.This piece was created by think how a memory works.
  2. No because i'm happy how look.
  3. Maybe because i learn how to make sense on the poem.
  4. The score is 3 because the design is attractive,colorful, and major

section headings are clear

5. I like the picture and i didn't like the picture descristion of the
completed project.

6. The portfolio as a whole reveal about me was

simple and basic on the design.